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Homecomings and goings…

Thank you to all who helped Steve and Carol have such a memorable trip as a family. Coming back was like a homecoming for them, free from the stress of disertations and finances, they could reflect on how God used their time in the states and reconnect with friends and supporters.

It was bittersweet to have them go back, hearts filled with memories and suitcases filled with the love and support of so many friends. Carol said the men have already been blessed by the medicine and supplies they brought back. Yesterday they had their first monthly gathering since being home, where over 150 women and children came to receive the word with praise and celebration, share a meal and take away food/supplies at the Granada Family Refuge.

If you were touched by their story and would like to become a monthly supporter, even a small amount would help them to continue providing care for the residents and put on monthly gatherings, as these numbers increase every month.

We thank you again for loving and caring for this extension of Granada so well.


The ROCM Board

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